Reverse your Biological Age


Normal and healthy are subjective definitions of your physical and mental state. A decade ago normal meant mental agility but now lethargy is unquestioningly accepted. Lean, fast, strong, virile with a head full of hair described your physical being. Increased weight, fatigue, aches and pains, reduced libido and balding are the accepted normal a decade later. In addition, there is almost a sense of resigned relief when you are diagnosed with medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension and the like, which plague a majority of the ageing population today.

A majority of the people your age experience the same problems and this is just what ageing does to you. Given a choice, we would choose to be better than the majority every time.

Till now there has been no scientifically developed age reversal program that would spur people like you to meet the inevitable head on and reverse the ageing process.

Introducing Golden Vial - a holistic, 360°, intensive age reversal program that internally rejuvenates your body and delays the onset of age related disorders. Our intent is to remove “Age normally” from your lexicon and say hello to the NEW YOU!



Ageing is the result of the biological accumulation of damage in our cells. This damage actually starts before we are born. Soon after conception, our cells start duplicating so our tissue can grow and regenerate. As our cells copy themselves, they make errors that cause molecular damage. For about two decades, we are able to repair those mistakes, but by the time we are in our 30s, ageing is accelerated.


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Mental Agility

In 1961 Dr. Leonard Hayflick discovered that many humans cells stopped dividing after about 50 divisions. It seemed our cells had death programmed into them at birth. Then in the 1980s, we figured out the cause. The chromosomes in our cells have protective caps on them, called telomeres, and with every cell division those caps get shorter. When the telomeres can't protect our chromosomes anymore, our cells die.

Sometimes when a cells stops dividing, it doesn't die, it keeps sending out chemical signals. These cells know as Senescent cells or 'zombie cells' build up in our bodies as we age and lead to the symptoms of ageing mentioned above. Studies have shown that clearing out these cells in mice significantly improved their health and lifespan.





We have increasingly started to accept dementia as part and parcel of ageing. Untreated, this is the single most debilitating condition that robs you of your very identity and further impacts your physical well-being.

The Golden Vial Program can help prevent and in some cases reverse this mental incapacity.

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Diabetes is a result of the pancreas producing inadequate or excessive quantity of insulin. It is called a silent killer as the condition severely damages the normal functioning of the heart, kidney, nervous system, eyes and other internal organs if left unchecked.

The Golden Vial Programme can effectively manage diabetes without the use of drugs.

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Leaving the physical aspect aside – fat is dangerous for your very existence. It converts testosterone to oestrogen, creates insulin resistance, shifts your genetic make up towards osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease.

The Golden Vial Program helps you lose weight, boosts your metabolism and shift your metabolic preference towards muscle rather than fat.



A receding hairline adds years to your true age. Studies have shown that a good head of hair makes a person look younger, more appealing and increases their self-esteem.

The Golden Vial Program increases the density and the thickness of each individual hair.

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Skin health is considered as one of the principal factors that represent overall well-being in humans. Skin ageing is a complex biological process influenced by internal and external factors and provides the first indication of time passing by.

The Golden Vial Program takes care of the rejuvenation of internal organs that affect skin health as well as the external signs like wrinkles, crow feet and sagging.

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Mobility is imperative for maintaining proper joint function and reducing injuries. Balance, stability and posture define how we sit, stand, walk and adjust to the changing environment. As we age, we tend not to adequately challenge these skills leaving us prone to eroding posture and increased risk of injury.

The targeted exercise module of the Golden Vial Program ensures that you maintain your agility.

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As you age the body takes longer to recover from physical exertion, leading to a perpetual state of exhaustion, which is incorrectly attributed to growing old.

The Golden Vial Program energizes the body at a cellular level thereby enabling an active lifestyle.

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As we age, our bones lose calcium and other minerals which makes them brittle and prone to fractures.

Another effect of ageing is the loss of cartilage which leads to pain in joints.

The Golden Vial Program helps strengthen your bones, as well as aid in the build up of cartilage so that you can say goodbye to your pain medications and never have to worry about going for long walks or climbing that troublesome flight of stairs.

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The body’s immune system is miraculous. When given the proper nutrients it can fend off colds, bacteria, viruses and even cancer without you being aware that anything is wrong.

In the Golden Vial Program we provide your body with all the tools it needs to fight off foreign invaders, repair tissues and maintain a general state of good health.

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Mental health is underrated but is often more significant than physical health. As we age, the mental fragility only enhances the feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and loneliness, which can lead to a mental and emotional breakdown.

The Golden Vial Program helps you understand this and provides you the wherewithal to ensure continued good mental health.

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It is not necessary that the biological age of two individuals with the same chronological age be the same. The former is a result of an individual’s lifestyle that affects the rate of wear and tear of all organs, cells and tissues of the body.

It's possible that someone who has a chronological age of 60 may have a biological age of 80 due to various external factors like stress, smoking, drinking, diet, lack of exercise, etc.

The Golden Vial Program quantifiably helps in rejuvenating the body thereby significantly reversing the biological clock.

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Sexual health is important at any age and the desire for intimacy is timeless. Loss of libido is a direct result of age, medication, diet and lifestyle.

With the Golden Vial Program you can have a healthy and active sex life no matter what your chronological age.



Young blood plasma is being used all over the world for it's ability to reverse ageing related conditions like loss of memory, low energy, degrading skin, etc. There have even been trials showing that young blood plasma treatment can help lower blood cholesterol and fight against Alzheimer's.

The Golden Vial Program includes administration of platelet rich young blood plasma and 240 types of organ-specific exosomes, interleukins, cytokines, growth factors, augmented by sophisticated state-of-the-art functional movement training exercises, nutritional and dietary support and supplemented by aesthetic and cosmetic procedures including bioactive creams if required for complete rejuvenation of brain, heart, lungs, vessels, liver, kidneys, bone marrow, immune and endocrine systems, vision and hearing, skin, muscles, tendons, cartilage, hair, nails and bone etc.